I was in the Anacostia neighborhood for the Cedar Hill Bar & Grill open house…which was more like a “come see what is coming” community meeting.  The new restaurant isn’t open for business — yet (that pesky liquor license still needs to be obtained). But the new owner Gabriel, his partner (totally drawing a blank on his name at the moment), and their lawyer wanted to invite the community in to learn more about their plans for the former Uniontown, including expanding the restaurant to the second floor and adding a DJ booth, a second bar, and a stage!

No word on when Cedar Hill will be open for business but the new owners are hopeful it will be open in time for this year’s LUMEN8ANACOSTIA festival on June 22nd.

Including some photos I took of what will be Ward 8’s next sit down restaurant! And not a moment too soon — right after I left the opening I went day drinking on Barracks Row. :)

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